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SUNT DENTIST :D Daca aveti probleme cu dintii... Call me & rezolvam ;) :D :floating:

Current Residence: Romania (Bucarest)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Latino, great classics, electric, instrumental, and everything that has rhytm and energy...ELECTRIC GUITAR FEEDS MY SOUL AND I CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF IT :D :D:D:D:D
Favourite style of art: surrealism, conceptual & nature photography
MP3 player of choice: Sony MP4 Walkman series
Favourite cartoon character: Sylvester (from Looney toons :) )
Personal Quote: "Always read between the lines..."
" In a world full of grey, let's just pretend we see colours..."


Secret from a little world
FULL VIEW  :love:  :D
This is a little capture from a  baptism cake  my mother and I made for my nephew's baptism this summer
I hope you enjoy the little critters... He sure would  like to eat them  :))))) 
 ... Maybe not quite a genuine Macro, but...  :floating:
Mechanic Jewel
THis is my first attempt of a new photography style  --  A step for me into unknown, but that gives me much pleasure to explore :floating:
 While rejecting it for a long time, now  the abstract is my new fuel.....  I  have always liked to see the whole picture, but now a bit of "unfinished", "unknown", "ambiguous"  -- is  what makes things more interesting
At least I think that way  .... :floating:
   "--WHAT ARE THOSE MIRRORS SHOWING TO EACH OTHER ???? "   ;)    ...That's the question to ask....
Feel free to answer if you like :) ..I have yet to think about....

The lighting was not perfect, I know,  wrong part of the day, wrong  side of the Sun (almost facing the Sun more exactly) and  fast low moving clouds made the light shift in every second , so adjustments never were enough  :p
I have another shot with a better lighting.... yet I like this composition more....  :D
Any comments, suggestions are welcome
Daca precedenta a fost un prim mare pas in drumul de a obtine o capodopera.... Atunci ACEASTA ESTE CAPODOPERA

Frunzele gingase care normal unduiesc in adierea slaba a vantului devin fragile cristale inghetate dintr-o suflare in timp ce par ca tindeau sa incerce sa urce spre caldura... Sustinute de o si mai fragila crenguta ca de sticla si ea inghetata, gata sa se rupa la primul vanticel....
totul incremenit in tacere, ca dupa o furtuna de zapada dupa care iese soarele... Un soare luminos, si foarte inghetat totodata de un ger cumplit
Crengile din fundal, ca degetele longiline ale unor palme invizibile, fragile , par si ele incremenite instant in incercarea lor de a le cuprinde protectoare, iar peste tot se asterne o nemuritoare liniste inghetata...
E o tacere care parca ne vorbeste.... si totusi o inghetare care tace

un mare PRO pentru:
----Incadrare in cadru
--- FUNDAL --- <FANTASTIC> (cu un mic efort de imaginatie, tulpina groasa din fundal chiar in stanga frunzelor se ramifica final deasupra in 4 crengute, ca niste degete lungi si subtiri, iar crenguta care intersecteaza pe cea care tine frunzele urca in sus ca un deget opozabil, formand impresia unei palme stilizate
--- tulpina care tine frunzele -- chiar pare din sticla sau gheata unui turture subtire
---- Pozitia frunzelor --- unduind, dau aspect delicat, dar aspectul inghetat le face sa para si mai fagile, gingase
--- Directia ascendenta, oarecum paralela , oblica, a tuturor tulpinilor, da impresia ca toate tind sa urce spre un ideal comun, fiind inghetate instant in timp ce fac "saritura" spre el

Mesajul pe care il poarta vorbeste neasteptat de mult pentru o opera atat de tacuta..
When a sailor gets across equator for the first time, he receives his "Fiery baptism"
SO is the first 10.000 page views for a deviant artist :floating:

And...I think  that very deviant artist, with this occasion,  after thanking the friends and viewers for making this happen, should tell his / her  story of how he / she became a part of this magnifficent community :)
 And, here is my own part of the story :
Many years ago, maybe right back in 2004, a friend of mine happened to see me online on yahoo messenger (I usuallly used stealth status  and appeared offline most of the time ....but then I had forgotten  :D    )  ...And  we started chatting a bit, then he sent me a link during the conversation, saying :
   ----"Look what a class-mate of mine is doing.... she makes fractals"
I opened the link.... I didn't know what fractals were ..... the link was from a fractal that she had made and submitted here on DeviantArt.....  the first time I  ever saw a fractal I was amazed of its beauty.... And I thought that deviantart was her personal website where she was submitting her fractals  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:   :D 
Then,,,, I saw the comments from other users... So , if there were other users around....I thought that Deviantart was a website for fractals....That's what it must have been, how hadn't I  thought of that ???  :floating:  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:   :)))))))))
I didn't know for sure what to click to see more of the fractals  (that this site was all about, right ??  :)   :))))
 ANd then, by mistake, I clicked on a user's profile.... And then..... She had photos  :D   ...
And I said...."
----" WOW... So you can sumbit photos here, as well ???? How wonderful can that be ???   "
And, little by little, I checked out that user's every single photo in the gallery, and said to myself.... that, one day.... I will want to become a deviant artist as well  :)
   3 years later, in 2007, I got my first  digital camera  (or so :)))    ...A Sony Ericsson w810   YEEYYYY  :D :D:D.. with an astounding 2 MP camera  (How funny does that sound now ??   :D   But then....  It was all I had....  And I fulfilled my dream, I finally become a deviant Artist  (or so I thought :)
 THen, I had to get my graduation from university, started to work, and my  presence here was scarce.... over work and creativity = NOT very good partners...I hardly had time to sleep, and the only time for photos was in the winter and summer holidays (very short ones, too )....ANd I thought, maybe I will change the way I work, and buy a proper camera....
   And then, almost 2 years ago....I got a  special gift for my birthday.... a Nikon D 3100 camera....MY PRECIOUS :D :D:D:D:D:D
THis year, after  colllecting some photos,  and with the  great advice from a very good friend, who is a professional photographer, I finally started to  create photos that are of ... acceptable qualiy  :floating: .... and I  resumed my presence here
  It took me 6 years for about 7000 pageviews..... and this year alone  the other 3000 page views  :)  (the last 2000 page views were in the last 2 or 3 months , which , for me, is awesome  :D :D:D:D
 Thank you my wonderful friends,  you are  priceless :)   :floating:  :worship:
     Plans for the future ?   Sure  ;) .... I am just starting to learn the real secrets of photography,,,,  so I hope to make better ones in time .... and, yes, I am going to write a novel.... it will take me an awful lot of time for completion, but, when it will be ready.... it will change mentalities,   I promise that  :D   ('s a secret.... Love Psychotic 



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